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  • Displaying a single category
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John Static Senior editor

Downloading small files with the default download manager of your web browser is convenient, whereas not practical at all with large files. Indeed, default downloads managers that are bundled with web browsers are often slow, don't properly resume downloads, and stop downloading when your web browser crashes.
Having a download manager that is not embedded in your web browser is also useful, in case you want to close it, but you aren’t willing to stop downloading files. MaxiGet is a download manager whose developer claims that it seamlessly integrates in all major web browsers, accelerates your downloads by splitting them into a couple of streams, and many more.

Fortunately, you'll be able to install this piece of software even if you don't have administrative privileges on the computer. After MaxiGet is set up, you'll be presented with a sleek and well-designed interface, which is why I added one star to the app's rating.

However, the download manager doesn't work the way it should. Firstly, the self-proclaimed integration with Internet browsers is misleading: I have tried to download files from the three supported browsers and none of them were captured by MaxiGet. Secondly, half of the downloads simply did not start without any reason whatsoever, the app did not even display an error. Thirdly, displayed information was often wrong, and you should not trust neither the percentage of completion nor the estimated time of arrival, for all I know. In fact they are not even displayed sometimes. And finally, I was unable to find any, nevermind significant, speed improvements compared to the download manager that is integrated in my web browser by default.

In conclusion, if you are only looking for a sleek interface, then MaxiGet might be the way to go. Otherwise I'd recommend to look for alternatives as there are many better download managers out here.


  • Sleek interface
  • Enables you to organize your downloads
  • Does not need administrator rights to get installed and run


  • Internet browser integrations don't work
  • Not very efficient
  • Time and speed are never displayed
  • The displayed percentage of completion is unreliable
  • When a download is paused, you can't check the percentage of completion and the size of the downloaded part
  • Some downloads won't start with no reason

Publisher's description

Maxiget is a simple and handy tool to help you download files faster and safer. Our app boosts your download speed and allows to manage and organize your downloads.
It integrates with most popular browsers - Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

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    Guest 2 months ago

    This app downloads adware Aware.Downware.1751

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      Yulian Rohmy 2 months ago

      Dear User!
      Thank you for your report, we have taken urgent measures.

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